Elliott IMC builds a complete line of custom Tenter Frames both for the plastics and textile industries. Pictured is our own TDO available for trials to evaluate potential applications and custom designs.

Complete custom process lines for plastics, textiles, fiberglass, and specialty products. We work with you to both engineer and fabricate the equipment you need.

EIMC specializes in your special needs. Here a tenter frame serves as a guide feeding a horizontal 3 roll stack.

Specialty tenter, used for drying and wrinkle reduction is shown below. The chain and rails are fixed with a movable oven/hotbox. Versatility is at the core of all EIMC Designs.

Versatile slitting, winding and unwinding systems are customized to your specific needs.

Machine direction orientation (MDO), unwind and wind stations, and control panel equipment are available for rent to evaluate your tenter needs.

For more information and scheduling, visit the Biax Laboratories website: