About Elliott International Machinery Corp.

A leader in custom orientation process equipment and tentering ovens!

Elliott International Machinery Corporation (EIMC) has been manufacturing, upgrading, and repairing Tenter frames for over 20 years. EIMC has a vast range of experience with clients and products in the textile, coating, fiberglass, and plastic industries. EIMC has upgraded and repaired older lines as well as developed and designed custom production machinery for their clients’ specific products. EIMC has designed and built complete processing lines and on occasion lines for first time products brought to the market by their clients. These new products sometimes involve newly patented products for procedures.

The machinery you will see on this website was all designed and built by EIMC. One part of the Research & Development Line is a Transverse Direction Orientation (TDO). This Tenter frame has the ability to allow us to stretch materials, but is also capable of running materials straight through our oven for process information such as dying, annealing, heat setting, etc. By having this R&D facility, it allows us the opportunity to demonstrate to our clients not only what our machinery can do, but also what machinery they may require to produce their specific products.